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Author Archives: Karen Foreman-Brown

About Karen Foreman-Brown

Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
Building and Engaging with Communities

Increasingly, not for profit organisations in the social services sector and in local government are being asked to demonstrate the impact and outcomes of their services on their user groups or clients. Finding effective ways of doing this can be

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Marketing Auto-what?

If you have your ear to the ground – or if you have been doing some online research into a particular technology you are considering for your business, you are likely to have become the recipient of marketing automation technology.

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Counting down to “mobilegeddon” – April 21 is the day

To keep an eye on your search rankings and traffic via Google Analytics. Why? Because April 21 is the date Google will start rolling out their newest algorithm update, which will start to give mobile friendly websites a higher ranking

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Customer Engagement – Moving Beyond Social

Over the last few years, the ‘holy grail’ of social media ROI has been engagement. Not how many followers on your page, but how engaged they are with your brand (as seen through likes, comments and shares on your posts).

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Thinking Digital – Are you in?

As New Zealand comes towards the end of the analogue age Рfor television at least, most householders have already made the change over to digital with their hardware. It never ceases to amaze however, how many  business owners still

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Lemon Highlights of 2014

Wow, where has 2014 gone? It’s flown by! We’ve had another busy and productive year at hairyLemon chocker full of fun, rewarding work, and learning new and exciting things. With Christmas and the new year just around the corner we’d

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Awful Christmas presents

With Christmas just around the corner we decided to find out what were the worst ever gifts the team at hairyLemon had ever received… and in some cases given.

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What’s Up at Twitter?

From being a relatively simple text based social channel that you could use from a dumb phone, to today when the platform has become more and more “facebook-esque” in its look, feel and functionality, Twitter is rapidly evolving into a

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Where the heck are we at with Google Authorship?

If you are the kind of person who notices changes in the way your search results look, you might have picked up that the little author photos are no longer appearing beside blogs and articles. Instead you just get the

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Pick Pocket

Before you fret, I’m not suggesting you start prodding your pinkies into people’s pockets in public places to pinch purses. No, by “Pick Pocket” I’m recommending that you begin using the fantastically useful application: Pocket. Essentially, the application allows a

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