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Ph: +64 3 377 0031

Monthly Archive: May 2012

Filling Jobs in Christchurch

As a Christchurch based business, we are joined by the majority of our clients in facing the challenge of recruiting people into positions in a post quake environment. Available positions are mostly of three kinds: 1) Jobs created by people

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Penguins and Pandas and more, oh my!

So lately Google seems to be hell bent on making life difficult for businesses who simply want to be found in search results by their potential customers. As Google adds more and more of their own content to SERPs, is

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“Help! Our website guy has disappeared!”

It’s becoming an all too familiar story at LemonHQ – new clients walking in the door looking for help because whoever built their last website turned into the invisible man/woman.

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Remember to Engage our Brains as well as Google

Yay – thanks Air NZ, flights to Noosa booked for June. Now the question – where to stay? That’s where Google comes in. So I search for ‘accommodation in Noosa’.

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