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10 ways to tell if you are addicted to Facebook

10 ways to tell if you are addicted to Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Take our quick (humorous) quiz to find out!

1.You use ‘like’ a lot more in emails to people
2.You know how many friends you have at any given time
3.You get the shakes when you are on your sail boat in the Marlborough Sounds and don’t have Wi-Fi/cell coverage
4.You start looking for ex-boyfriends/girlfriends to get your friend count up
5.The homepage of Facebook is burnt into your monitor when you turn it off
6.Your twitter and LinkedIn accounts are linked up with Facebook
7.You get the old polaroid’s/slides out of the shoebox and start scanning them into Facebook, and tagging yourself
8.When you tell people that you need to get three more sheep and two cows to start beating your friends on Farmville
9.Your Facebook profile comes up number one when you Google your name
10.And number 10 is where you have agreed to two or more of the above

Written by a reformed Facebook addict, achieved by going cold turkey and a damp flannel

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