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Category Archives: Online visibility

Google Shopping is here – an introduction

Google Shopping has finally launched in New Zealand. Craig Neville Manning – a computer scientist from New Zealand, invented and released it in 2002. Originally named Froogle, Google Shopping has grown and evolved since then. It started as free product

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Counting down to “mobilegeddon” – April 21 is the day

To keep an eye on your search rankings and traffic via Google Analytics. Why? Because April 21 is the date Google will start rolling out their newest algorithm update, which will start to give mobile friendly websites a higher ranking

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Getting Ready for Google Author Rank (Part 2)

Following up from our last Author Rank article, now you know how to activate and work your Google+ profile, we’ll press on and give you some steps on how to further optimise your Google Authorship.

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Why Google Author Rank is the Way Forward

What is Author Rank? In the same vein as other Google ranking criteria, Google gives precedence to authority, now wanting to rank your blogging and content quality and popularity using its Authorship tool.

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What Does Content Have to Do with It?

People across the web have been claiming content to be all kinds of royalty for some time now, and content marketing is one of the newer buzzwords in the digital space. But if you have a website that has largely

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Penguins and Pandas and more, oh my!

So lately Google seems to be hell bent on making life difficult for businesses who simply want to be found in search results by their potential customers. As Google adds more and more of their own content to SERPs, is

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Remember to Engage our Brains as well as Google

Yay – thanks Air NZ, flights to Noosa booked for June. Now the question – where to stay? That’s where Google comes in. So I search for ‘accommodation in Noosa’.

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“Facebook Offers” Rolls out in New Zealand

The latest outcome of the new business package launched on March 30 with the new business page Timelines, is now available for New Zealand businesses on Facebook. Facebook Offers provides the opportunity for business page owners to provide “offers” for

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Are you ready for the Facebook Timeline Upgrade?

On 31st March 2012, Facebook will automatically change business pages to the new Facebook Timeline setting. This change will directly affect Facebook landing pages, the applications businesses use, and the way in which brands promote themselves on Facebook. Timeline is

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Pinterest is a newish entrant to the social media scene, providing place where you can ‘pin’ images and content you find online that you like for a particular reason. Evidence is now suggesting that Pinterest is driving more traffic referrals

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